Folliboost Hair Growth Vitamins

Folliboost Hair Growth Vitamins are designed to promote stronger, thicker hair growth as it ensures your body has every essential nutrient for hair growth. It's a must have for users of our Folliboost hair growth serum as it can help boost results.

Nutrients Your Hair Loves

Experience the Breathtaking Transformation


Nourish your hair follicles with everything they need to reach their fullest potential.


Visibly thicken thin hair.


Enjoy totally renewed looking hair fast.

Fortify & Strengthen

Strengthen hair to withstand the elements, styling tools, and more.

Key Ingredients


Biotin is a crucial part of supporting healthy hair grownth. Without enough biotin, hair loss or thinning may occur.

The biotin dosage in these vitamins allows you to relax knowing that your hair has all it needs to reach its fullest potential.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps create a well known protein called collagen, an important part of hair structure.


Zinc plays an essential role in hair regrowth and repair. It helps keep the oil glands around the follicles working properly around the clock helping hair grow, and keeping it strong.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps create red blood cells, which carry essential nutrients, and oxygen to the scalp and hair follicles. This process is extremely important for hair growth and strength.

How To Use


Everybody’s hair is different so results will vary. But I can tell you for a lot of folks, they start to see results within 1 month of use. They start to see existing hair get thicker, start to fill in, and see baby hairs start to sprout. Additionally, the vitamins may make your hair much stronger and healthier overall.

It’s important to take 1 vitamin each day while continuing to use Folliboost Hair Growth serum in your daily routine.

The best results are always reported after using both the vitamins and serum for 3 or more months. Within 3 months, friends and family are begging for their secret. And within 6 months, some say their hair was thicker than it was ever before.

Just take 1 vitamin per day, at any time! Be sure to continue using Folliboost Hair Growth serum as well for optimal results.

Folliboost Hair Growth Vitamins contains ingredients scientifically proven to help anyone. Whether you’re 30 or 70. No matter your background or hair type.

No. You don’t need to worry about that with Folliboost Hair Growth Vitamins. If you stop use, you might see results slow down, but you won’t see “additional hair loss”.

I understand you might be skeptical. I mean, the results I’ve shown you today are incredible. But I really believe that Folliboost Hair Growth Vitamins, especially when paired with our hair serum will work for YOU!
Yet, I understand you’ll only be convinced once you’ve tried it and seen the difference for yourself. So, I want you to feel totally comfortable that you’re not risking a penny when you order today.

The team at Tricho Labs agreed to offer a full 90-day money-back-guarantee.

It’s simple: you can try Folliboost Hair Growth Vitamins out for a full 3 months. If you give it an honest shot, and you’re not totally thrilled, simply call or email the Tricho Labs team and they’ll return every penny you pay today.

You don’t need to provide a reason why. You’ll just send the bottles back open or closed, and get an easy, hassle-free refund of the full price you pay today.