Safety & Usage

Welcome to the first day of your beautiful growth routine! I know you're excited to see what the fuss is about. You're probably ready to see real results in a short amount of time! Check out the demonstration clips below to make sure you're optimizing your growth routine. And remember, being consistent is key!  Be sure to try and apply the serum at least once a day. If you miss a day, it’s no big deal, but try your hardest to apply the serum everyday for best results!

Step 1

Fill the dropper with serum from the bottle and apply 1-3 drops to each area of your hair and scalp you’d like to improve hair growth or help reduce hair loss.

Step 2

Massage the serum gently into your scalp with your fingertips so that the Serum can “soak” in and work in the best possible way.

Step 3

Do not rinse the serum. Leave the serum in your hair until your next application. The serum works best when it has time to stimulate, rejuvenate and repair hair follicles.