Thousands of Women Are Raving About This “Swiss Growth Veggie” In 2022, Here’s Why (And How To Get It)....

Wednesday, July 24

by Sarah Mcmane

Millions of women each year try at least one hair growth product to help their thinning and after spending tons of money and time using these products - they end up simply not doing anything to help. 

This leaves most ladies with less money in their pocket, the same hair they didn’t like, and a shot to their confidence.

I’m Sarah, the author of this article, and I know exactly how it feels to try hair growth products on the market with zero results. It stinks. 

But, most women have never tried rubbing one “ swiss growth veggie” on their hair (which they should be). 

Not only has this “swiss growth veggie” helped me, but it’s helped thousands of women across the globe with thinning when nothing else worked.

And this “swiss growth veggie” is actually backed by clinical studies to help ladies get back the beautiful, thick hair they love.

Swiss Growth Veggie - The Future Of Hair Growth

Americans eat vegetables on a daily basis. But while it would be great if you could pick up the “Swiss Growth Veggie” at your local grocery store and rub it on your hair and get hair growth results you love - you can’t.

Here’s why.

The “Swiss Growth Veggie” is a specific form of pea sprout extract that was developed by a top Swiss scientist. 

The extraction process is extremely difficult and expensive, but the compound that is extracted from these peas makes it all worth it.

The Swiss scientist calls this special compound - Anagain™. 

What makes it so special? 

Because Anagain™ has been proven in clinical studies to help hair grow longer and thicker

So you know, most growth products on the market have zero studies proving its value. 

In this clinical study, 80% of women noticed new hair regrowth…

And 95% of women noticed a reduction in thinning hair, and an improvement in their hairs condition…

Most women never would’ve thought a compound coming from organic peas would do a thing for their thinning.

But, not only do these studies prove it’s value, thousands of ladies across the globe are loving this stuff (and frankly going crazy over it)!

But if it’s so hard and expensive to extract, how are ladies getting their hands on it?

All Because Of One Tiny US Based Company

After years of work and countless attempts, one tiny US based company was able to get their hands on a batch of Aganain™ for their cutting edge formula that helps thinning.

Women who’ve tried it are raving about the results, and now it’s hard to get your hands on some because not only is it flying off the shelf, but Anagain™ is created in small batches so this company can only get so much of it each month!

This incredible formula made by a US based company is called Folliboost Hair Serum!

But how does it work so well?

Folliboost Hair Serum isn’t just loaded with Anagain™ but it is also filled with 5 other potent ingredients that work so well because of what experts are calling: Root Reactivation”. 

One of the only true solutions to thinning… 

To quickly explain the science behind it, when hair begins to thin or stop growing, follicles are in what’s called, the dormant phase or “sleeping phase”. 

And the only way to get follicles to grow thick and full again, is to “wake them up” from their dormant phase.

When follicles are successfully “woken up”, this is what experts call “root-reactivation”.

And Folliboost Hair Serum works so well at doing just that. Reactivating sleeping follicles. 

Other products on the market simply don’t address any cause of thinning let alone “sleeping follicles”. 

It works so well not just because of Anagain™ aka the “Swiss Growth Veggie”. But because of the 5 other potent ingredients in the formula.

6 Essential Ingredients To This Cutting Edge Formula




Arginine HCL

Peppermint Oil

Pro Vitamin B5


Anagain ™ has shown in clinical studies to increase the level of hair density. It is designed to reduce hair loss by inducing dermal papilla cells to reactivate hair growth.


Baicapil ™ is a natural compound that works to counteract the causes of thinning hair and hair loss.


Biotin benefits your hair by rebuilding hair shingles that have been damaged from over-shampooing, exposure to the sun, blow-drying and ironing. Deficiency can result in alopecia.

Arginine HCL

Helps slow hair loss by increasing the level of nitric oxide in the body.

Pro Vitamin B5

This nutrient helps ensure the new beautiful hair you get STAYS thick and beautiful through the course of every-day life… and makes it look better from the very first use!

Peppermint Oil

Ensures your hair smells amazing as well helps improve blood flow to the follicles which is extremely important.

Customers are raving about Folliboost Hair Serum

When Folliboost Hair Serum hit the market, it flew off the shelves. People were loving the product and it really made an impact in ladies hair, confidence, and lives.

Here's a few things some of their customers had to say:

I bought Tricho serum by November 2018 and started using it right of way, I was amazed of how fast my hair is hair has reached the below my shoulder length, Am so happy,when a woman reach her 40's the hair thinner out and started to fall( now in my 60's) and that was happening to me but not anymore thanks to Folliboost Hair Serum

- Irma R.

"I’ve tried so many products and supplements that are supposed to help with hair growth and never see results! This is the real thing, it actually works! The best part about this product is how it feels. It’s not an oil, which is a major bonus because oils always make my hair look like it needs to be washed."

- Jessica P.

My 3 Month Folliboost Hair Growth Experience

Day 30:

New little baby hairs were growing in my thin areas! New hair growth was actually coming in and is noticeable in the mirror. It was just the beginning phase of regrowth, but I loved these little results I was seeing!

Day 60:

My hair was noticeably thicker! My husband was beginning to notice my hair becoming naturally thicker and more beautiful. I was finally not as worried to go out in public anymore because of my bad hair. But, just a bit more regrowth and it’d be thicker than it ever was.

Day 90:

My hair was incredibly thick and full again and it’s noticeable to everyone! Some are saying it was looking thicker than it was in my 30’s. My friends, family, and husband are shocked by my new naturally thick, and beautiful hair! They're all wondering how I did it, and of course I share my secret that is Follboost.

Final Thoughts

Folliboost Hair Serum works so well because it addresses one of the root causes of thinning that is “sleeping follicles”. Simply put, other products on the market don’t address this in the slightest. Using Folliboost Hair Serum is a commitment to better hair and it’s worth every day.

Better yet, the longer you use it the thicker, fuller, and longer hair some may receive. Folliboost Hair Serum not only helped me get back hair I love, but it made me “feel” better and more confident in my daily everyday life.

Get Them While You Can!

This is one of the only products for thinning on the market that actually addresses one of the root causes of thinning hair directly. Folliboost Hair Serum is 100% committed to selling a high quality product that’s loaded with the ingredients and nutrients that make it work so well.

After all, Anagain™ is extremely difficult to produce making it hard for the creators of Folliboost Hair Serum to get their hands on enough to keep shelves stocked. As more and more ladies hear about this incredible formula, it will be almost impossible to keep it in stock.

But right now, that doesn’t matter because the team behind Folliboost just restocked and if you’re reading this now there’s enough on the shelves for you to give it a try. But it likely won’t last very long.

To make sure you can truly experience the full results of using Folliboost Hair Serum. They always suggest using it for at least 3 months for best results. After all, no matter the solution, new hair growth can take time. But with 3 months time, you can have new naturally thick hair.

Even better if you purchase a subscription, because with that you’re guaranteed to have bottles reserved just for you. Meaning no one else can buy up all the stock before you can get yours. 

So if you want to try the best solution for thinning on the market, now is the time.

If Folliboost Hair Serum does not help you get back thicker, fuller hair you love. You can contact them directly and they will 100% refund your order within 90 days. Your confidence is their priority, and they want you to try Folliboost Hair Serum with absolutely no risk.

If you want yours today, you need to act quick…right now!

Give it a try risk free, you have nothing to lose. Get back that thick, beautiful hair you love. 

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